We’re building
a new wave of coaching. A powerful one,
for all.

“We believe everyone should be able to ride the life they want. Whatever happens. We believe that you can reach any professional or personal goals you want. We believe that the best way to reach them is to get coached by the best. As any athlete or virtuoso actually does. We believe that you deserve the best and that multiple coaching brains dedicated to you are better than just one.

There are currently a billion active workers in the world.
We believe 100% of them are coachable and would benefit from it. But only 0.01% are actually coached today. We believe there is a new form of coaching that could make high-end coaching accessible to all.

That’s why we’ve created Wave. Wave is on a mission to bring the best of professional coaching to all. Wave is an app - but it’s also way more than that.

It’s the foundation of a brand new coaching standard – a hyper-qualitative and tailored one for all – that will ultimately benefit all stakeholders within the coaching and professional development industry.

Let’s ride. Together. For a thoughtful and better world.”

Adri Falcon, Founder and CEO

Behind Wave.
Meet our team.

At Wave, we wake up every day to make a positive difference by developing something that will change people’s lives for the better. Our team is passionate and naturally fully dedicated to helping our clients thrive.

Team Wave
Team Wave
Team Wave
Team Wave
Team Wave

Our culture.
Riding together.

Since day one, we have defined our shared purpose as a team and are committed to living it every day. We refer to this approach as "riding together." It is guided by three core values that drive us in everything we do as a team, with our partners, and for our clients.

Watch the horizon

Before entering the water, adopt a global perspective: take a step back and think long-term.

Ride BIG

Stay focused, ambitious, and resilient. Dive back into the water until you achieve your goal.

Vibe together

One is nothing without the others: we rise and fall together, united as one team, supporting each other.

A few unique
facts about us

We are a fully remote company by design, operating on a global scale. We embrace the absence of physical offices and instead work from home or co-working spaces. Every quarter, we come together for an offsite, creating memorable experiences.
Here are some interesting facts about our journey:




Employees in 15
different cities

Min 5y

Professional Experience

Ethical excellence. Now and always.

Delivering coaching excellence is at the core of everything we do. We stick to our Coaching Code of Ethics to ensure a healthy coaching relationship. Our Scientific Board, led by Derek Deasy, ensures that Wave upholds the highest ethical standards in its practice based on the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

It’s high-end coaching. Done by real humans. Empowered by tech.

Coaching scientists

Design and curate proven coaching frameworks

Independent experts

Regulary review the quality of our interactions

Wave’s supervisors

Are super-powered to bring you insightful coaching sessions through Wave


Tool Scientists & Supervisors to leverage millions of coaching hours & data

And all of that for you, through the app.

Building the future of coaching. Together.

Our mission is to make high-quality coaching accessible to all.  As firm believers in the value of live coaching, we also recognise that there is an opportunity to elevate the industry to a new standard. If you are a coaching professional and interested in joining our network of coaching partners, we would love to hear from you!

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We’re just getting started. Join us.

We are continuously seeking exceptional individuals with expertise in coaching, product, design, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support. Interested in joining us? Check out our current job openings.