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What Is Coaching? – An Expert View On The Then and the Now

What Is Coaching? – An Expert View On The Then and the Now

Loreen Myers
What Is Coaching? – An Expert View On The Then and the Now

Get ready to plunge into the depths of coaching. A transformative odyssey that's all about guiding you. A journey to your most coveted transformations and aspirations.

Think of coaching as your personal compass. It steers you through the seas of personal and professional growth. Okay, this might sound like a good old marketing spiel. But trust me, I’m talking about a hands-on approach. The real coaching that fosters learning. Not just some lecture from someone who doesn’t understand your situation.

We all remember how difficult it was to describe what a coach is to the general public. “Oh, you’re a coach? What sport are you coaching?” was more common than you’d expect.

But coaching has really skyrocketed in popularity – from boardroom strategies to the very personal journey of self-growth.

It's become quite the trendsetter, with more and more folks, be they entrepreneurs, freelancers, or employees, leaning on a coach to scale personal peaks and professional summits. It works kind of like magic.

And coaching truly is magical. In a coaching duo, the coach and client dance in sync. Tango, Waltz, or any other fancy dance that I don’t know.

It’s these dances that unlock your potential and craft the future you envision. And nope, your coach doesn't need to be a guru in your field – your superpower lies in your ability to support and navigate the voyage to success.

Coaching is like the ultimate gym for your mind, boosting self-confidence and powering you to make decisions that lead to real, tangible changes. It's all about tapping into those hidden reserves of performance, pushing you to your pinnacle.

When you buddy up with a coach, you're signing up for a treasure trove of insights and a skillset sharpened for excellence. The coach is your cheerleader, strategist, and problem-solver, shining a light on your strengths and bulldozing through barriers.

In the grand scheme of things, coaching is the secret sauce to unleashing your inner greatness. It fuels your drive, molds a mentality geared for never-ending evolution, and primes you for a journey of unbounded progress.

Okay, that’s enough talk about the surface-level stuff. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

Re-Defining Coaching

The 2020s are pretty unpredictable – you don’t need me to tell you that. It seems fitting that professional coaching emerged as a beacon of clarity and support.

Yet, the space isn't without its flaws. Regulation and widespread comprehension are, quite often, incomprehensible (no pun intended). This is where the International Coaching Federation (ICF) steps into the spotlight – a beacon of ethics and standards in the coaching world.

Picture coaching, as outlined by the ICF, as a duet. A duet that fortifies you, giving you the boost to unlock your personal and professional prowess. As for coaches, we aren't here to take the wheel. We see you as captains of your own ships. And we simply act as your quartermaster, letting you build that sense of creativity, resourcefulness, and completeness.

Coaching is our latest expedition. A long journey into the self with the help of introspection and discovery. As coaches, we will shine a light on the path for you to tap into your potential with expertise and finesse.

And as for professional coaching? Well, this one’s no simple expedition. It’s a quest, an epic one at that. A personal Odyssey, one might say, where you can chart unexplored territories within you and harness your full arsenal of skills.

History of Coaching – A Long, Dynamic Voyage

The moniker "coach" hails from the quaint Hungarian town of Koc in the 15th century, famed for its carriage craftsmanship. Fast forward to a few hundred years later.

We’re in the 1830s at the University of Oxford. There, the "coach" takes on a new life in academia. It referred to tutors dedicated to aiding students' scholarly quests. That’s quite the metaphor since, like carriages, they helped transport future scholars to your academic destinations.

As the hands of the clock swept forward, so did the essence of coaching, growing into a sophisticated strategy. An art and a science aiming to embrace change. It's garnered a crowd across tons of industries and now boasts a spot in the curriculum of universities the world over.

It’s this applause that helped coaching reach its heights in the corporate world. Well, that and the heaps of coaching literature and evidence-based techniques. This saga of professional coaching wasn’t just theory-based. It was through the tireless efforts of coaches all over, each supporting and improving the industry as a whole.

We now go to 2006. Coaching programs are a thing. And they’ve exploded, so much so that over 275 English-speaking institutions offer them. This illustrious gathering spanned from hallowed academic halls to international academies, each contributing to the worldwide picture of professional coaching.

Professional Associations

In the wake of coaching's ascent to a bonafide profession, a host of professional associations took root. Spearheaded by Thomas Leonard's establishment of the National Association of Professional Coaches (NAPC) in 1992, the field grew with entities like the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Over the years, these associations have been the architects of credibility, the weavers of coaching networks, and the champions of the coaching crusade. Among them, the ICF has swelled to become the leading collective of professionally trained coaches.

Coaching's domain has since grown into a rich ecosystem of specializations, each catering to distinct aspects of life and work. Broadly segmented into business, personal, and life strands, it delves into every corner of human endeavor.

In the realm of life coaching, one might encounter specializations that span from the intricacies of relationships to the tapestry of one's spiritual journey.

Beneath the umbrella of personal coaching lie thriving sub-specializations that address the full spectrum of life. Be it the quest for purpose, the art of parenting, the transitions of life phases, the pursuit of well-being, or the exploration of spiritual paths.

In the corporate theatre, coaching takes center stage with its own sub-categories. Nurturing entrepreneurial spirits, honing leadership acumen, or charting career voyages. Each form is tailored to the variable landscape of the business world.

But let’s take a deeper look at all these types.

The 4 Main Types of Coaching

In the bustling arena of the professional world, many coaching genres stand as pivotal allies in the quest for personal and organizational evolution.

A. Personal coaching is guidance. A beacon shining its light on individual growth—from the crossroads of decision-making to the quest for career reinvention and the crafting of unshakeable self-assurance. It's a path often chosen by self-motivated souls or charted by visionary enterprises aiming to polish the brilliance of your teams. This journey into the self hinges on the compass of your core values, your deeply held beliefs, and the mirrors of self-reflection. A thoughtful excavation of desired growths and the sculpting of goals set the stage for transformation.

B. Relationship coaching delves into the delicate dance between the self and others, be it in a team or a one-on-one tango with a leader. This nuanced aspect of coaching focuses on a trinity: the individual, the other, and the space between—the relationship.

C. Management coaching stands as a lighthouse for those steering the ships of teams, helping deal with team dynamics and guiding toward the shores of positive transformation. Its spectrum spans the managerial arts—from the delegation of duties to the symphony of collaboration and the deft handling of conflicts. Here, coaching also whispers of personal harmony, the art of balancing stress, and the craft of forging a team culture steeped in collective purpose.

D. Leadership coaching is the tailor-made suit for the figureheads of business—the executives, the strategists, the trailblazers. It’s an intricate process that sharpens the leader’s tools to sculpt the organization's future. Leadership coaching refines the conductor's baton, ensuring the orchestra plays in unison, directing the flow of focus toward the grand vision. It’s about shaping strategy, solidifying structures, orchestrating teams, and the masterful orchestration of resources.

The world of coaching within the professional domain is rich and diverse, offering a spectrum of support for those on the journey toward self-realization and organizational impact. Through the magic of coaching, doors to unlimited potential are unlocked. Challenges are transmuted into stepping stones. Individuals become the architects of change, leaving indelible marks on their worlds.

And then there’s Wave!

How Wave Does Coaching – R.I.D.E The Wave

Wave's coaching practice brings innovation to the forefront. By melding tried-and-true methods with a pioneering asynchronous framework using AI, we at Wave crafted a unique pathway for self-guidance complemented by expert support.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Coaching with Wave's Compass

The ultimate coach lies within, yet the voyage to self-improvement often calls for a guiding light. Enter Wave. Crafted to shepherd you on your solitary trek, all while offering the reflective surfaces and support needed for true growth.

The Rhythmic Dance of Process and Insight with Wave

With Wave, your growth journey is supported by structured sessions that offer clear progress. Wave's feedback helps guide you to professional peaks, with each coaching session moving you closer to your personal goals.

Unveiling Wave's Four Foundational Pillars

At the heart of Wave's methodology are four robust pillars that uphold its bespoke coaching experience:

1- Customization: The Architect of Your Coaching Realm. At Wave, we believe that coaching must be as unique as the individual it serves. You craft your journey by selecting the style, tempo, and intensity that resonate with you. You are the one who chooses the resources and tools that enrich your experience, right down to linguistic nuances. Wave stands not just as a service but as a collaborative partner in personalizing the coaching odyssey.

2- Self-reflection: Sanctuary of Self-Exploration. Wave dedicates a sacred weekly slot for you to indulge in self-reflection—a ritual termed 'auto-check'. This contemplative practice is a cornerstone, offering you a mirror to your souls and a retrospective of your weekly odyssey. It's a commitment, an essential rhythm in the melody of your development.

3- Information: The Alchemy of Knowledge and Practice. Wave arms you with an arsenal of curated data, penetrating insights, and practical exercises. All intertwined within the fabric of Wave's feedback. From multimedia educational resources to introspective exercises, Wave provides an intellectual feast to nurture your reflective and active growth phases.

4- Experimentation: The Laboratory of Progress. At Wave, we believe that real change comes from relentless experimentation. Hence, we supply a plethora of actionable exercises and scenarios for you to test the waters of your newfound knowledge, fostering an environment where learning is not just theoretical but vibrantly alive.

Our bedrock is executive coaching with versatility in mind. We seamlessly blend consultancy and auditing flavors when you need it. In the D phase of RIDE, we might interject with consultancy-style queries that not only provoke thought but also subtly offer wisdom gleaned from our repository of experience.

In our transparent haven, every chosen technique is unveiled to you. There's no behind-the-curtain wizardry; instead, we share our reasoning: "Here, I draw upon my reservoir of experiences and the collective wisdom of other you".

In essence, Wave is not just a coaching platform—it's a collaborative partner, an educational resource, and a catalyst for personal and professional renaissance, all while ensuring you remain the captain of your ship, navigating the expansive seas of your potential.

Get Ready To RIDE The Wave Again

Coaching is your personal catalyst for growth, steering you toward your dreams and helping you find your own answers. It's not just about getting advice; it's about discovering your own path to success.

Wave offers a unique coaching experience tailored just for you. With our tools, you reflect and learn, gaining insights that lead to action. We're here to help you take charge of your growth and make strides in life and your career.

When you choose coaching, you're choosing a transformative path. It's a journey of learning and reaching new heights in your personal and professional life. Begin your journey with Wave and unlock your full potential for meaningful change.

Interested in starting working on your goals? Book your first session now.

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