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Everything we’ll share here is strictly confidential. I’m a high-end professional coaching service, delivered by a real coaching team, accessible through this app.
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Can you tell me a little about your story and the kind of professional challenges you’re currently facing?

The most intelligent coaching app. To live your best at work.


The most intelligent coaching app. To live your best at work.

Impactful coaching for professional development

Wave is equipped to tackle any professional coaching topic you bring to the table, thanks to its extensive library of coaching content and frameworks. Tailored to your unique learning style, Wave engages you with thought-provoking questions, personalized self-assessment exercises, and carefully curated content. But Wave also goes beyond theory, nudging you to apply what you learn in real life. It's about quick wins and long-term growth

Proprietary coaching methodology


Reflect on goals that matter

Step back on your professional and personal context to define where to change the game

Investigate your blockers

Get the coaching framework, questions and data  to crack your challenges in a smart way

Do real things to progress

Wave gives you pragmatic workouts to reach your goals and help you track your progress

Elevate your game to ride again

Step back on your learnings, highlight and save them for your future-self. And ride again !


Ethical excellence. Now and always.

Delivering coaching excellence is at the core of everything we do. We stick to our Coaching Code of Ethics to ensure a healthy coaching relationship. Our Scientific Board, led by Derek Deasy, ensures that Wave upholds the highest ethical standards in its practice based on the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

Maximum impact. Sustainable results.
No gimmicks.

Wave is the destination for goal-setters, big or small. Wave transcends the boundaries of seniority, gender or location to support all the employees who pursue their fullest potential at work without compromising on what matters in life. The figures speak for themselves. Our clients are letting us know everyday.

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Wave offers you executive coaching at the most competitive price you’ll ever find. Start riding now. Book your first all-in month for just 24.99€. Then, given your usage, we’ll set up a journey that perfectly fits your needs and budget.