Work-life is a wave.
Ride it like a pro.

Wave gets you executive coaching at the most competitive price you’ll ever find. Everyday. Everywhere. Through an app.

Leadership skills
I’d like to better lead through hard times
Purple Moose, CEO
Difficult relationship
I struggle managing my team
Cerise Lycaon, CTO
Emotional Balance
I want to feel way more confident
Green Butterfly, VP Communication
Management skills
I’d love to be super productive
Brown Ram, Customer Success Director
Decision making
I want a career change. I need to voice it
Celeste Parrot, Product Designer
Leadership skills
I’d like to become an inspiring leader
Emerald Unicorn, CEO
Habits & rhytmics
I need a healthier worklife balance
Blue Dolphin, Product Manager
Communication skills
I wish I could better convince others
Pink Leopard, Lead Engineer
Business acumen
I need to revise my strategic plan
Green Rhino, VP Marketing
Lack of experience
I feel like a fraud in my job
Snow Kiwi, Financial Manager
Hey Beth, time for today's session. How have you been since our interaction last week?
Hey Wave, I feel great. The exercise you gave me has really changed my worklife balance!
Awesome! Let’s then check your recent progress together. Ready?

Work-life can be

As athletes do to reach their goals,
we could all benefit from an executive coach to thrive.
At work. And in life.

I’d like to better inspire my team through turbulent times
I need a healthier worklife balance
I’d love to be super productive
I need to revise my strategic plan
I want to feel more confident

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They all need a coach. You need a realistic solution.

Every single employee currently faces a challenge. Be it at work, or in life. That’s just the way work-life is. Wave allows you to offer high-end coaching at scale, and at the most competitive price the industry has ever seen.

Stress Management
I’d like to better inspire my team through turbulent times
Emerald Unicorn, CEO
I need a healthier worklife balance
Blue Dolphin, Product Manager
Time management
I’d love to be super productive
Green Rhino, Sales Rep
Problem solving skills
I need to revise my strategic plan
Green Butterfly, VP Marketing

Get coached.
Get Wave.

Wave provides you with the intellectual challenge and emotional support you need to live your best. At work. In life in general.

Hi there 👋, I’m Wave
Everything we’ll share here is strictly confidential. I’m a high-end professional coaching service, delivered by a real coaching team, accessible through this app.
But first thing first, let’s get to know each other better.
How shall I call you?
Let me ask you another simple question.
Can you tell me a little about your story and the kind of professional challenges you’re currently facing?

The most intelligent coaching app. To live your best at work.


The most intelligent coaching app. To live your best at work.

Overcome any of your work-life challenges.

Wave is making high-end business coaching accessible to all. Everyday. Everywhere. Through an app. You can work on any topic you have – be they professional or more personal – to thrive at work. Wave has been through an unparalleled set of thousands of coaching use cases. Discover a few of them.

Get more efficient and organized

Learn with Wave to optimize your personal and work organization. Build effective routines, set the right goals, focus on your top priorities, and preserve your overall work-life balance.

Become an effective manager and leader

Learn how to organize your team and define the correct goals. Experiment with providing constructive feedback and delegating more. Develop your skills of influence and ability to handle difficult conversations.

Manage stress at work

Develop a positive and constructive mindset with Wave to handle the ups and downs at work. Strengthen your self-confidence to improve your stress management. Analyze your inner sources of motivations and values. Get more comfortable in a new role.

Learn to communicate effectively

Improve your communication skills with Wave by developing effective tactics for expressing yourself and persuading others. Enhance your negotiation skills and ability to speak in public.

Identify the right next steps for your career

Use Wave to reflect on your next professional chapter, whether it be internal or external. Identify your career goals and sources of fulfillment, and develop an action plan to pave the road for stepping up your game at work.

Get the insights
you need to shine

Wave’s cutting-edge approach has the power to tackle any professional coaching topic you bring to the table. There are no limits. Our Coaching scientists are empowered by our proprietary AI to leverage, amongst thousands, the best coaching techniques, resources and exercises to meet your unique needs.



Reflect on goals that matter

Step back on your professional and personal context to define where to change the game

Investigate your blockers

Get the coaching framework, questions and data  to crack your challenges in a smart way

Do real things to progress

Wave gives you pragmatic workouts to reach your goals and help you track your progress

Elevate your game to ride again

Step back on your learnings, highlight and save them for your future-self. And ride again !

Tell me Thomas, when is the ideal time
for our weekly coaching sessions?

Asynchronously. On your own terms.

Wave uses written coaching to nurture your professional growth. Customize your coaching routine, reschedule as needed, and unlock new features like text-to-speech or specialized live coaching.

Learn. Progress. Store. Confidentially

Wave is designed to help you record and bookmark your entire coaching journey and learnings. In full privacy.

Hey wave, I just had a difficult discussion with John my co-founder, can you please help?

Sure thing Beth.
Can you please tell me more about what triggered that difficult discussion with him?


Lifelong career growth. Finally made possible.

Coaching usually only lasts a few months. It’s too expensive. One single coach can’t be infinitely knowledgeable and available for you. Wave changes the game. Throughout the years, whatever your professional ups and downs, Wave is, can and will be here for you.


Maximum impact. Sustainable results.
No gimmicks.

Wave is the destination for goal-setters, big or small. Wave transcends the boundaries of seniority, gender or location to support all the employees who pursue their fullest potential at work without compromising on what matters in life. The figures speak for themselves. Our clients are letting us know everyday.

Client Satisfaction
Goal achievement
Clients recommend Wave

Time to invest in yourself.

Wave offers you executive coaching at the most competitive price you’ll ever find. Start riding now. Book your first all-in month for just 19.99€. Then, given your usage, we’ll set up a journey that perfectly fits your needs and budget.